Welcome to our Thursday evening program, which is called Satsang. 

Satsang means "the company of truth", "gathering of seekers" or "gathering of saints". We gather at a satsang to reflect on spiritual issues and to chant and meditate together.

Format of the Satsang Program

Our Satsangs are organized to invite reflection, contemplation, and meditation.

Opening ~ Each satsang begins with a welcome by our host and the hymn, Jyota se Joyta. This hymn celebrates the awakening of our consciousness to the Divine within each of us. The words are in Hindi and are on a chanting card that includes a translation. A tray with a candle (symbolizing the light of Divine consciousness) is waved before the Gurus.

Following the hymn, you will observe some people bowing. They are honoring the “Guru Principle”; that is, the Gurus reflect back to us our own divinity.

Talk ~ Our host offers personal reflections on a spiritual interest.

Chanting ~ We chant for about 30 minutes. The chants are available on a chanting card and introduced by the host. Most are chanted in "call and response" format; the musicians chant a phrase and the rest of the group responds. Generally the chant begins very slowly, becomes faster, and then ends again slowly.

Meditation ~ We meditate for about 20 minutes to either the sound of a tamboura (a musical instrument) or to silence. Often the host offers meditation guidance.

Closing ~ Satsang closes with further reflections by the host and the hymn, Gurudeva Hamara Pyara. This hymn rejoices in the “Guru Principle”. It is on a chanting card in Hindi and English.

Darshan ~ After the program, some will come forward to the area where the Gurus are pictured (also called a "puja"). They may bow or otherwise offer respect and gratitude. This is entirely optional.

You may stay in the hall for further meditation time, leave, or join the community for conversation and light refreshment.

Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay! ~ "I hail the Guru who has revealed the Truth to me!"

We say or sing this phrase several times throughout a program. It expresses our gratitude for our awakening to the Divine presence that dwells within each of us, and for awareness of all the blessings that continue to flow throughout our lives.